This option is still under development

R-SAT is based on a set of criteria that are evaluated by answering multiple-choice questions. 

In the demo version, the answers to these questions are assigned both automatically and randomly by the application.

This possibility allows to explore very quickly the tool and its results.

Implementing an assessment takes between one and two hours (if done collectively). 

It is possible that your internet connection may be interrupted during this exercise. 

To avoid this, it may be advisable to use the Excel R-SAT form, and then transfer the data to the online tool to retrieve and compare them, which takes less than 10 minutes. 

You can download the excel format below in different languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

If you want to use directly the online tool, or to enter the Excel data, please fill in the information below

If you wish to retrieve your assessment and its results later, please provide below an email address and a password.  Please note that only completed self-assessment can be saved.

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This option allows you to retrieve data from previous R-SAT assessments. Please fill the fields below.

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This option allows you to compare data from two past R-SAT assessments. Please fill the fields below.

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