Over-exploitation, climate change, acidification and pollution pose major threats to the marine environment leading to a decline in biodiversity and ecosystem degradation. Through coordination and focusing on specific regions and projects, Ocean Governance can be used as a tool to address these threats and their consequences for the marine environment.
The project’s objective is to increase the EU’s role as a global actor in international ocean governance by fostering regional and interregional cooperation relevant to the protection and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems.
To advance a process leading to enhanced cooperation of MPAs in and between the Atlantic and South East Asian regions
To support the implementation of marine and coastal ecosystem restoration activity in the    South East Asian region
To facilitate broader regional cooperation on marine and coastal resilience in the SoutEast    Asian region with a view to underpin regional stability
To contribute to the effective management of MPAs in the Atlantic and South East Asian regions
1. Increased knowledge and practice of protecting and restoring marine and coastal ecosystems in three selected areas of marine protected areas in the South East Asian region
2. Improved management of marine protected areas around the Atlantic Ocean using the concept of shared environmental protection
3. Strengthened knowledge exchange between Atlantic and South East Asian marine and coastal regions
4. Improved basis for dialogue among marine and coastal stakeholders in the South East Asian region
The project will undertake activities to protect and restore marine and coastal ecosystems and foster cooperation and security in South East Asia. It will build partnerships between MPAs in this region and in the Atlantic Basin to support the promotion and exchange of knowledge. The three-year project will bring together networks of MPA managers, MPA managers, national and local administrations, regional organisations, local communities, the private sector and non-governmental organisations.
The Ocean Governance project was set up to meet European Union (EU)
objectives set out in the EU Joint Communication on International Ocean
Governance and the Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and
Security Policy. It will contribute to delivering on EU global commitments
under the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris
Agreement on Climate Change, and the Convention for Biological Diversity

The project builds on the experience of the Transatlantic MPA project funded
by the EU (2016-19), which promoted a transatlantic partnership through
developing partnerships and twinning activities between marine protected
areas in the Atlantic basin.

The EU recognises the contribution of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to tackling biodiversity loss and climate change impacts in marine and coastal ecosystems,
as well as to food security, economic wellbeing and livelihoods of local populations
in coastal areas.