The Transatlantic Resilience Partnership was created in 2016

as part of the European MPAs Transatlantic Network Project.

It brings together several partners, the main ones being in Brazil, USA, Mexico,

Portugal and Gabon. Other partners joined us, including from Senegal, Mauritania,

while the network was also enriched with other partners in the countries of the original partners. 

The purpose of this partnership is to identify, analyze and systematize approaches and good practices related to increase the resilience of marine protected areas, and to develop the contribution of marine protected areas to the resilience of surrounding coastal territories.

In early 2020, the achievements of the European transatlantic MPAs program have been integrated into a new program called Ocean Governance, which continues the same approach in the Atlantic basin, but has extended its geographic coverage to Southeast Asia. 

The Transatlantic Resilience Partnership has been able to develop various products, including Resilience Guidelines and the Resilience Self Assessment Tool available online on this platform.

The main objective of the Ocean Governance phase is a wide dissemination of the tools and good practices that have been developed to incrase the impact of the project. 

To this aim, national and regional resilience assessment programs are being launched. 

All your feed backs are welcome.If you want to get involved in this network, please send a simple email to and we will get back to you very soon ...


GABON - Estuaire

Emarald Ark Complex (Akanda NP, Pongara NP et Arboretum Raponda Walker)


North Littoral Natural Park

USA - New Jersey

Jacques Cousteau Estuarine Research Reserve

BRAZIL - Abrohos

Abrolhos Banks National Park

BRAZIL - Santa Catarina

Florianopolis complex of Reserves

MEXICO - Yucatan

Puerto Morelos National Park

MEXICO - Yucatan

Cozumel Biosphere Reserve

Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park